Tomb of Anubis is a text-based game where you choose the adventure. The game features hidden passageways, traps, and lots of treasure. No action is the wrong action as you get closer to the treasure of Anubis' tomb.

 Do not think that the adventure ends when you obtain the treasure. If you are caught stealing Anubis' treasure, he will make sure you do not escape the tomb alive. Tomb of Anubis features 15 different endings, and multiple methods of escaping the tomb.


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nice game. Little confusing how the rooms connect. Some how I managed to find scuba gear on my first run. But I can’t find it again…

Sorry about the confusion. If you smash through the opening wall, get the treasure from the alcove, walk down the corridor and jump over the pit you should be at a forked path. From here you take the left path and solve the puzzle to receive the scuba gear.

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Oh, now I know why I missed it on the other runs. That left/right path room is spooky (or 2 rooms?). I went right, found the ‘fake treasure’, went back and then left. But after that the next room doesn’t have the sundial puzzle. No need to be sorry. It’s fun to explore these connections. Anyway, finally managed to get the ‘pirate’ ending. The audio is great btw. Did you create the soundtracks? If not, can you point me to the source?

Firstly, the pirate ending is the best in my opinion, so I'm glad that you got it. Secondly, I didn't make the soundtrack. Most of it was from Joel Steudler's free music sampler.