Dying Dominion was created for Weekly Game Jam 141- Good Luck


The King had asked you to retrieve an artifact of legend. It is said that it has the power to turn an army of 1000 men into an army of 10000 men. You have been tasked with killing the 4 guardians of the realm to gain access to the artifact. Upon reaching the artifact, you will have to slay the corrupted spirit, the guardian and first user of the artifact.


Dying Dominion is a turn-based RPG similar to the Legend of Zelda franchise, featurng a luck-driven combat system. Combat is turn-based, with as much magic and strategy as one could hope for.


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There are some things I'd like to point out here, first, the visuals of the game are very apealing (from my point of view) except for the game over screen, which, I think needs to be worked on a little...

Whatever I'mm about to say aims at improving this game and your game maker skill, in all modesty as a begginner myself, so please accept my criticism, also I can understand that you may have lacked of time during the jam, so feel free not to read my comment lmao.

But even though the combat system is pretty classic, I think it looks like it lacks a lot of features that are very important, for example there is no way to go back qfter chosing an action, there is no display of magic (which I think exists, given that I can't seem to cast a fire ball).

It would have been nice to have a small animation to indicate that the spell cannot be cast, or an animation of damage taking. Talking about animation, I think the pivot of your character's sprite was a little off, resulting is a weird way of turning back on the map.

An advice I will give you, is to inclute a little story telling in the game, in the start or as elements in the world, cuz I didn't really get why I was doing what I was doing until I read what was on the game's page, even for a jam, I think you should have gave a clue in the game.

one more thing : "turn-based rpg inspired by zelda" ? I haven't played all the zelda games but which one is turn_base ?

Firstly, I greatly appreciate the feedback, and you are correct: This game had a lot of features cut due to the jam.  The magic system does work, but there is a chance that your fireball will not cast. However, I have not included and animation or pop-up to notify the player. I agree that the pivot of the character is weird, it was an issue on my part that I didn't have time to fix. The lack of storytelling was definitely my mistake, and will make sure to include some in the full game. The game-over screen was a last minute addition that looks really bad. Any suggestions?Finally, none of the zelda games are turn-based, but design-wise the full game would have been inspired by the Legend of Zelda franchise, with the player travelling to different regions/dungeons and defeating a boss to allow access to the game's final boss. Sadly, this did not pan out in the demo.

Thank you for taking my feedback so well, I hope the game evolves into what you expected it to be